Asset Allocation

The 2019 Guide to Asset Allocation

In the 65 years since Harry Markowitz formalized the theory of asset allocation, academics and practicing investment professionals have sought to master the process, to solve the puzzle that is investment risk, and to find a “fool-proof” way to protect themselves from loss. As one of the most important challenges [...]

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Case Study: Asset Management Group of Top 10 National Bank

We spoke with Samantha*, the Chief Investment Strategist in the Asset Management division of a large national bank* to discuss how the Windham Portfolio Advisor helps her and her team achieve their goals. Samantha and her team are responsible for developing all of the formal strategic and tactical asset allocation recommendations across the asset [...]

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Asset Allocation Defined

If you’ve ever sought to learn more about investing, you have probably come across the term “asset allocation” more than a few times, in a lot of conflicting ways. You've probably read it in a long, complicated article that didn't actually define what asset allocation is, which was likely followed by a few not-so-subtle [...]

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Asset Allocation for Specific Client Goals

Asset Allocation for Specific Client Goals On Wednesday, January 24th 2018, we hosted Senior Client Consultant Jon Kazarian for a discussion on how to tailor portfolios to meet unique investment goals. Jon explored strategies for developing and managing sound asset allocation policies designed to meet specific investment objectives. This session included a  review of [...]

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Defining an Asset Class

Defining an Asset Class Asset allocation is one of the most important decisions investors face, however there are no universally accepted criteria that define exactly what an asset class is. Some investments take on the status of an asset class because managers feel that investors are more inclined to allocate [...]

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Asset Allocation vs. Security Selection

Asset Allocation versus Security Selection: Evidence from Global Markets Which activity is more important: asset allocation or security selection? The answer could surprise you. A common debate in the investment management field regards asset allocation and security selection. Which is more important? Which causes the greatest dispersion in wealth? The overwhelming consensus within [...]

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Asset Allocation in Taxable Portfolios

Taxes can consume a substantial portion of returns in an individual’s portfolio, and it is important to consider assets on an after-tax basis. It allows us to find an individual’s optimal portfolio— which may vary significantly from person to person. Considering assets on an after-tax basis also allows us to [...]

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