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Share up-to-date strategies, client information, analysis, and branding across teams.

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The Windham Client Advisor (WCA) is a comprehensive, fully-integrated solution which acts as a central platform for sharing up-to-date strategies, client information, analysis, and branding across teams and between offices. The WCA goes far beyond a proposal tool, allowing investment teams to disseminate strategies firm-wide and giving advisors access to real-time analytics. Each WCA deployment is unique, built to your specific needs and customized based on role specific requirements for those using the platform, including investment teams, advisors, compliance officers, and marketing teams.


Bridge gaps between investment teams, client advisors, and senior management to ensure that you consistently deliver your most compelling message.

Investment teams Immediately deploy accurate and up-to-date portfolios and capital market forecasts to advisors and relationship managers firm-wide.
Advisors Quickly generate proposals for client presentations using customized firm-wide templates and portfolio strategies provided by the investment team.
Compliance Generate audit logs, records of user activities, and archives of saved proposals within Salesforce or another CRM system.
Marketing teams Benefit from cohesive firm-wide branding of reports and proposals.

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The WCA runs on the same sophisticated analytical engine as the Windham Portfolio Advisor, which has been deployed effectively by leading foundations and endowments, state and provincial governments, and top RIAs and family offices around the world.

Investment teams Distribute capital market assumptions to advisors and determine which, if any, modifications can be made to portfolios to meet specific client requirements.
Advisors Develop custom return and risk analyses for presentations and run wealth simulations to model client cash flows. If permissioned, advisors can also re-allocate portfolios based on specific client needs.
Compliance Guarantee that up-to-date disclosure and disclaimer statements are included in all proposals and IPS reports.


Each WCA deployment is unique, just like your business and your investment process. Our client consulting team will work with you to customize each deployment and to ensure that you extract the most value from the solution.

Risk Management

Cash Flow Simulation

Cash Flow Simulation

By simulating growth over time, Windham helps you evaluate the likelihood of meeting future goals and commitments. Windham’s cash flow simulations account for inflation and planned contributions and withdrawals. Projections are expressed in terms of total wealth and as an annuity.

  • Generate projections of future portfolio value
  • Measure the effects of inflation and periodic contributions or withdrawals
  • Quantify the likelihood of shortfall

Reports & Proposals

Windham’s reporting tools generate presentation-quality reports, proposals, and investment policy statements. Export all charts and tables produced by the software to Excel®, Powerpoint®, and Word®.


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