Our new web-based platform offers a seamless and intuitive workflow for portfolio development and client communication.  This comprehensive, fully-integrated solution acts as a central platform for sharing up-to-date strategies, client information, analysis, and branding. Using pre-defined portfolios as defined by you and your Investment Team, client-facing advisors can make adjustments as permissioned (or build portfolios from scratch) and develop custom proposals and reports for both existing and potential clients.

Generate Reports

Client-facing users can efficiently generate customized reports and proposals. With pre-defined models and strategies, users can tailor each report (as permissioned) to suit the unique investment goals of prospects and clients. Reports can be customized for your firm to include your branding, Investment Policy Statements, disclosures, historical performance, cash flow simulations, and more!

View a Portfolio Lab Report Sample.

Scenario Analysis

Create beautiful and informative simulations using Windham’s scenario analysis feature. Run each potential portfolio through the test of time—and see how they would have held up during historic market events. Compare potential portfolios against existing positions to highlight the possible opportunities for increased returns, or areas in which they may be more at risk. Portfolio Lab’s scenario analysis tool helps visualize how your proposed portfolio will put clients in a better position to meet their investment goals.

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Wealth Simulations

Portfolio Lab offers simulation features that generate projections of future portfolio value. Cash-flow planning allows users to consider the effects of inflation, periodic contributions or withdrawals, and quantify the likelihood of shortfall. Create wealth simulations that directly reflect the specific needs of each existing or prospective client.

One of the most popular simulation methods, Monte Carlo Simulation, is a key feature of Portfolio Lab. Monte Carlo Simulation is a multi-variate model that simulates asset returns using the chosen return and risk estimation methods, such as the equilibrium return estimate or blended quiet/turbulent risk estimates.

Define Your Strategies

Portfolio Lab allows for the sharing of master models and strategies between the Investment Committee, research, and client-facing teams. Empower users to build impressive, custom reports using pre-defined portfolios, without ever breaching compliance.

  • Maintain a uniform client communication strategy
  • Spend less time building proposals from scratch, and more time with clients
  • Rest easy knowing that all outbound content is up-to-date and compliant

Manage Your Team

Portfolio Lab offers a unified solution to manage all members of your team. Administrative users are able to provide appropriate access and permissions to client-facing users, ensuring that only the right people are able to see and edit specific content.


Give your Compliance team peace of mind knowing that every piece of content is up-to-date and has been through the proper approval procedures. Using Portfolio Lab’s permission structure, each piece of outbound content will have the all of the necessary disclosures, brand elements, and regulation components.

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