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For the last 30 years, Windham has led the industry in providing innovative technology and research to sophisticated investors. Using the robust capabilities of the Windham Portfolio Advisor, our diverse breadth of clients have been able to construct efficient portfolios that meet their own clients unique set of needs. Registered investment advisors, single-and-multi family offices, banks, endowments and foundations, and investment managers use the WPA to build portfolios with confidence.

Below you will find some of the ways that our clients apply the Windham Portfolio Advisor.

Wealth Managers, Family Offices, RIAs:

In a post financial crisis world, advisors of private wealth are faced with many new challenges as they seek to grow assets and retain clients. Clients demand better risk management, improved tax efficiency, and goal-based investment plans. In addition, advisors must create professional investment proposals that differentiate their services while demystifying the complexities of an investment portfolio.

Windham has created an institutional quality software application that is accessible to leading advisors. Our software is based on decades of applied research that can now be employed by the practitioner.

WPA Features applied by these clients include:

  • Cutting edge risk measurement

Windham’s software will allow you to stress test client portfolios under various market conditions to generate more realistic estimates of downside risk, and to evaluate and quantify the risk contribution of concentrated stock positions.

  • After-tax optimization

Within the Windham software, you will be able to generate after-tax return and risk expectations for your selected investments. Our tools will generate an after-tax efficient frontier that will also consider asset location.

  • Cash flow simulations

Using the software, you can create simulations that take into account the cash flow needs and goals of your clients. You will also be able to evaluate and rank portfolios based on the likelihood of achieving a client’s unique investment goal.

  • Proposal and investment policy generation

The software can generate comprehensive reports and proposals that can be branded with your firm logo and customized for your clients.

Banks and Large RIAs:

Today, many banks and brokerage firms strive to consolidate investment views globally throughout the organization but struggle to provide their clients with a custom solution. The investment team requires a comprehensive asset allocation, risk management, and capital market modeling solution to generate firm-wide strategic and tactical recommendations. Business development, client servicing, and portfolio management professionals need a flexible tool to develop custom investment proposals and investment policy statements for clients.

Windham has created institutional quality applications that are accessible to leading banks and brokerage firms. Our software is based on decades of applied research that can now be employed by the practitioner.

WPA Features used by these clients include:

  • Industry leading asset allocation solutions

Windham’s technology allows investment teams to create optimal portfolios that match a wide range of objectives and market conditions.

  • Cutting edge risk management tools

Windham delivers a collection of risk tools that enable your investment team to quantify investment risk exposures and make more informed investment decisions.

  • Powerful capital market forecasting models

Windham’s technology allows your organization to create forward-looking return and risk expectations that reflect the current investment environment.

  • Modular proposal generation and investment policy generation

Communication with clients is essential to helping them understand their investment plan. Windham will help your client-facing advisors create informative proposals and reports that will result in improved advisor efficiency and impactful conversations with clients.


Foundations, Endowments, and Plan Sponsors:

Investment teams at foundations, endowments, and plan sponsors must closely monitor cash flows and portfolio liquidity while managing inflation and other risks. In addition, they must present complex investment topics to their investment committees. Windham can work together with the investment team to perform the necessary investment study.

Windham has created institutional quality applications and consulting solutions that are accessible to foundations, endowments, and plan sponsors. Our software is based on decades of practical research, and our investment consultants are highly trained professionals who are capable of delivering high-quality custom research.

WPA Features applied by these clients include:

  • Create cash flow projections with real world assumptions

To quantify the likelihood of various outcomes, you can generate portfolio projections that take into account the spending needs of your institution.

  • Generate real return forecasts and simulate inflation adjusted results

Inflation-adjusted return assumptions can be used throughout Windham’s software to better model real return expectations.

  • Customize reports for your audience

Results from the Windham Software can be delivered in a report format that is more accessible to a wider audience.

Investment Managers:

Investment managers need to perform rigorous analysis to construct multiple investment strategies. All too often, investment management firms do not share investment views or ideas throughout the organization in an efficient or rigorous manner. Firms need flexible investment applications that can be deployed within an investment team and throughout the organization.

Windham has created institutional quality software applications and enterprise solutions that are accessible to investment management firms. Our software is based on decades of applied research that can now be employed by the practitioner.

WPA Features applied by these clients include:

  • Custom Turbulence Index applied to any market

Turbulence levels can be calculated across a set of unique asset classes or within a single market segment. This information can be used to identify regime shifts in the markets that are relevant to an investment firm.

  • Investment and risk applications that apply to multiple investment strategies

Windham’s software includes optimization, forecasting, risk measurement, and simulation capabilities that can be distributed throughout an organization and applied by multiple investment teams.

  • Customized enterprise applications designed to deliver an end-to-end solution

Custom reports, data imports, data exports, and large scale batch processing can be achieved with Windham’s financial technology services.

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