Top Podcasts for Financial Advisors

We’ve compiled a list of  the best podcasts for financial advisors currently available. We took into consideration duration, frequency of episodes, entertainment value, and of course, the quality of the content itself. Below you’ll find our top recommendations, which includes a little something for everyone! Some podcasts cover market commentary, while others focus on lessons learned in business and how to run a successful advisory firm. We will continue to update this space with new finds, and please feel free to comment with your recommendations as well!

Financial Advisor Success

The title of this podcast series alone deems it worthy of making our list. Michael Kitces, the content-producing machine behind Nerd’s Eye View, publishes a weekly podcast where he goes behind the scenes of successful advisory businesses. Each episode features a new guest and new insights on what it takes to navigate the challenges of growing an advisory firm.  Listeners can expect to learn something new in each episode no matter your level of experience.

• The Meb Faber Show

Mebane Faber has been hosting and producing his self-named podcast, The Meb Faber Show, since the summer of 2016. Since then, he’s interviewed some of the foremost experts in investing such as William Bernstein, Ed Thorp, and Paul Merriman. We’re recommending this podcast for financial advisors because of how Meb intertwines entertainment with education; his interviews are always topical an interesting, but he makes sure to break the more complex subjects down in a way that makes them accessible to the listener. He also provides a great podcast summary in addition to the transcript, so you’re able to go back and re-read key parts.

Recommended episodes:  #51 featuring Mark Kritzman, #138 with Yariv Harem

Capital Allocators

This podcast is brought to you by Ted Seides, the CIO at a single-family office and founder of Protégé Partners. Seides frequently interviews investors, managers, strategists, and thought leaders about how they run their businesses and the investing philosophies behind their success. We’re recommending this podcast for financial advisors because of the actionable takeaways and straightforward interviews.

Recommended episode: #28 featuring Jason Klein, “Investing to Cure Cancer”

Trend Following Radio

Michael Covel is a seasoned podcaster, author, and entrepreneur who produces this weekly podcast that has made almost every single “top investing podcast” list we could find. We witnessed his expertize when he interviewed our very own CEO, Mark Kritzman, for his 605th episode in 2017. Covel has hosted some of the most famous investors in the world, including several Nobel Laureate’s, and frequently offers new ways of approaching business challenges. Listeners should prepare to take notes for some of the longer episodes and brace themselves for some very honest opinions.

Recommended episode: #235 featuring Harry Markowitz, #605 featuring Mark Kritzman

Resolve Asset Management: 12 Days of Investment Wisdom

This special podcast mini-series is produced by our friends over at Resolve Asset Management! The first part of this series is their “Twelve Days of Investment Wisdom,” which covers all of the basics around diversification, asset allocation, and optimization. Each episode has really practical strategy tips, which is why we’re recommending this series as a podcast for financial advisors!



*We will continue to update this article with new recommendations as we find them! Be sure to check back.*