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The Pros and Cons of Outsourced CIOs

In the years following the global financial crisis, investment managers of all kinds have been under increased scrutiny when it comes to accountability, reliability, and trust. The need for more sophisticated investment strategies consequently requires more sophisticated investors, and many firms now face a difficult question: Is our in-house investment [...]

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Factor Analysis: Understanding Portfolio Risk

On Wednesday, November 14th we were joined by Cel Kulasekaran, Research Director at Windham Capital Management. Cel discussed factor analysis and how factor models can provide for a more complete understanding of portfolio risk. WEBINAR HIGHLIGHTS: What is factor analysis? Common factors used in practice Single vs. multi factor models Factor models in practice Practical implementation issues [...]

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After the Allocation: Portfolio Rebalancing 101

After the Allocation: Portfolio Rebalancing 101 According to a Wells Fargo/Gallup survey, over 30% of investors would rather sit in an hour of traffic than rebalance their portfolios. Which, one can deduce, indicates that roughly one third of investors spend at least sixty unpleasant minutes when the time comes to rebalance! In this [...]

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Case Study: Asset Management Group of Top 10 National Bank

We spoke with Samantha*, the Chief Investment Strategist in the Asset Management division of a large national bank* to discuss how the Windham Portfolio Advisor helps her and her team achieve their goals. Samantha and her team are responsible for developing all of the formal strategic and tactical asset allocation recommendations across the asset [...]

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Old vs. New Wealth Management featuring special guest Jerry Michael, CEO of Smartleaf

On Tuesday, October 16th we were joined by a special guest, Jerry Michael of Smartleaf. In this webinar, we explored the massive changes in the wealth management landscape as well as the forces driving them. WEBINAR HIGHLIGHTS: How the core value proposition of wealth management has evolved Security selection and asset allocation in the current landscape The modernization of [...]

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Event Studies

An event study is used to measure the relationship between an event that affects securities and the return of those securities. For example, events such as a regulatory change or market shock may affect many securities simultaneously. On the other hand, events such as a policy change or stock split may only impact certain [...]

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Asset Allocation for Family Offices

Asset Allocation for Family Offices On Wednesday, October 17th, we hosted a webinar on asset allocation and risk management as a component of the portfolio construction process. We demonstrated how to create efficient portfolios that meet your clients' investment goals while managing their unique risk constraints. Using the Windham Portfolio Advisor, we [...]

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Two Things About Performance Fees

Two Things About Performance Fees Institutional investors continue to allocate a significant and growing fraction of their portfolios to alternative investments such as hedge funds, private equity, and real estate, notwithstanding the challenges these relatively illiquid assets posed to them during the financial crisis. We suspect that investors now pay considerable attention to their [...]

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Investment Policy Statements

The Benefits of Using an Investment Policy Statement An investment policy statement is a written agreement between a portfolio manager and a client, outlining the client’s expectations and how the advisor intends to fulfill those expectations. It formalizes the investment goals of the client, solidifying and defining a plan before the fiduciary relationship begins. [...]

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Global Market Portfolios, Part Two: Methodology

Global Market Portfolios Part Two: Market Portfolio Methodology Introduction The global market portfolio is a market capitalization weighted representation of all tradable and non-tradable asset classes in the world market, displaying the average portfolio held by investors. It isn’t affected by unsystematic risk and can therefore be used to measure the amount of systematic [...]

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