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Our Mission & Philosophy

At Windham, our mission is to deliver innovative investment technology and research that impacts the way the world’s most sophisticated investors manage assets. We work closely with our clients to provide a complete service relationship which includes support from Windham’s client servicing team and exclusive access to our acclaimed independent research.

About Windham Labs

Windham Labs, a division of  Windham Capital Management, LLC,  is a global leader in investment technology and research. Investors worldwide rely on Windham’s accessible service, sophisticated products, and comprehensive solutions.

In addition to our acclaimed software platform, we provide investment advice to the largest institutional investors and asset managers in the world through investment advisory and financial technology consulting services. With extensive research capabilities and industry experience, we deliver custom solutions to unique challenges.

Windham’s research has been recognized with three Graham Dodd awards, the Research Prize from the Institute of Quantitative Research, and two Bernstein-Fabozzi/Jacobs-Levy awards.

The firm was founded in 1988 by Mark Kritzman, who teaches graduate level financial engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is the author of six books including Puzzles of Finance and the Portable Financial Analyst.

Mark Kritzman